3. For All Service Members

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Have a Safe & Enjoyable Memorial Day Everyone…

Those who know me realize my love for Jazz… 

I’d like to dedicate this, one of the most

beautiful arrangements of this song by

Nathan East of Fourplay

In Remembrance of All of Our Veterans

on this Your Special Day!

Thank You All For Your Service!


 I wish we could put all politics aside this weekend,

appreciate our Veterans for all of their sacrifices &

enjoy all of the beauty God Has Provided for us in this,

The United States of America… 


Please always remember,

Our Freedom Isn’t Free!

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Planting Seeds Of Honor.


***If I Die Before You Wake***

A powerful tribute to the men and women of the

United States Armed Forces

fighting for our freedoms overseas.

Written by Rick Tiger, Dustin Evans,

& Dave Brainard.


My late husband inspired me to write the

following poem as a tribute for all of the

Vietnam Veterans who never got a

Welcome Home when they came back

from serving “In Country”.  I had it

copyrighted, two copies are in

The Library of Congress because it’s

been published, The Vietnam Veterans

Motorcycle Clubtook it to

Washington D.C for Rolling Thunder.,

& had a copy installed in

The Smithsonian Institute

a copy has been put on display in

The National Naval Museum at

The Naval Air Station in

Pensacola, Florida

Please do share this with any veterans

that you may know who would like a

copy, and please do leave a comment .



A place of quiet serenity.

My Tribute to You Dear Vietnam Veteran!

Your feelings run so deep, you’re so afraid to let them show.

Life has hurt you more than most, yet you’ve survived blow after blow.

Encouraged by your family, you  did what was thought right.

You joined the U. S. Armed Forces Team, caught in the patriotic fight.

You soon learned all too late, there were no morals over there.

But you fought the fight anyway, for a government that didn’t care.

You were taught how to survive, and you learned your lessons well,

For you had to catch on quickly to survive your time in hell.

Importance was placed upon you, a kind you’d never known.

Not by chance, but sense of duty, you took the fight to be your own.

Earning medals and honors for a way of life accepted

By those who had no fear of death, and those who’d been selected.

Sweet innocence was lost forever, replaced by guilty feelings.

Justified madness ruled the land, and left all people reeling.

Known to be, “In Country”, too much to comprehend.

No one should have to bear this. It’s too hard to understand.

You learned to hide that sweet young soul, and some became addicted

To alcohol, and drugs, then reason was evicted.

Thought to be a sense of duty, was fueled by pride and lust,

‘til all was lost that you’d been taught, even, “In God We Trust”.

How could He be somewhere that killing was encouraged?

What a sense of being all alone, not hard to get discouraged.

Sweetness replaced by bitterness towards a disgusting human race,

Loyalty to those held close in this God forsaken place.

Fears became a way of life, unlike any others,

Where a soul became childlike again, strangers became brothers.

You carry it with you everywhere, all grief, and pain you hide,

Afraid to share what happened there, just too much held inside.

Please God, if you’re there, let people understand,

Why I did those things expected to satisfy the greedy needs of leaders well respected.

Fools they were until the end, they couldn’t cease what they’d begun.

They left us all just devastated with a war we never could have won.

They should try to make it up to you for all that you have lost,

But that goal they’ll never reach, there’s just too high a cost.

I’ll end this with the sweetest thought;

you’re always in my prayers,

And though your faith’s diminished, I know God always cares.

He created keen sense, and skill that helped keep you alive.

He helped you to develop these so that you could survive.

I respect your strength, and courage, above the call of duty.

I’ve never known anyone like you; you’re so very special to me.

You never got a heroes welcome, like warriors in the past,

Though the years have come and gone,

I wish you welcome home at last.

Better late than never, that you may heal more every day.

This is only possible if you don’t let pride get in the way.

It’s time to gain strength from those who care,

and let them help you mend.

You can heal if you’ll only reach out to those who try to understand.

It’s time to be grateful for us who show we care.

Be happy, and be thankful just to know that we are here.

We appreciate all that you have sacrificed,

and all that you have given.

Let the turmoil end, put bloodshed behind,

and get on with life and living.

I make this offer to you, and hope that you will use it,

For each of us involved will be the ones to benefit.

There is love in this world, and it’s up to us to do our part,

If you’ll just try, accept it, and give us a chance to warm your heart.

Know in your heart that you are loved, and let these forsaken feelings pass.

Please take comfort in this thought, and enjoy that you are truly home at last!

My love and gratitude to you for always,

Bill W., “Papa Duck” for your inspiration!

Linda Lee Michel


Linda Michel White

“Mama Duck”


Please feel free to share this with any &

all veterans who might like a copy…

Mama Duck almost 7 years later…

This is for GTO, my best friend

in the world & Air Force Veteran

who has become very special to me…


God Bless Our “Original Americans”

For All They Gave To A Nation That

Has Never Honored A Treaty…

Trail of Tears / Amazing Grace

by Native American Flutist

Charles Littleleaf

One of the most beautiful renditions

of this song that I have ever heard… 

Exquisite photography, music & words…

Thank you Charles for touching my soul… 

Read Charles’ Story


Our Tuskegee Airmen…

Google: nine myths about the Tuskegee Airmen…

1. Lost 25 bombers to enemy aircraft…

2. Did not have an ace…

3. Were not the first to shoot down a German jet…

4. Did not destroy a destroyer…

5. It was a torpedo boat which did not sink…

6. Lost more planes than they shot down…

7. And didn’t come close to matching the

amount of enemy aircraft shot down by the

white pilots in the 18th…

You will find this on the Tuskegee Institute web

page…  Look for bombers escorted…

First search Tuskegee Airmen… 

What Does America Owe You the

Tuskegee Airmen WWII?

A Tribute To The

Tuskegee Airmen


“Never Broken”

A Tribute To The

Native American Code Talkers

“NEVER BROKEN” VIDEO – CODE TALKERS (A.K.A. Windtalkers): Set to the soundtrack of Ann M. Wolf’s haunting song,

“What Will We Leave for the 7th Generation?”

she narrates a soul-stirring portrayal of our Native American Code Talkers with special commentary from her friend Larry Montoya, Marine and member of the Hopi Nation.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. President John F. Kennedy


·  Learn About The Veterans Site

Click Every day! The Veterans Site


My dear Vietnam Veteran, “Papa Duck”

Passed away on November 18th, 2010… 

Cancer was his most formidable foe…

That was the one battle he couldn’t win…



William White“Papa Duck”

1945 – 2010

Though I’ll miss you forever you

will always remain in my heart… 

God bless you “Billy”,

from your loving wife,

Linda Michel White

“Mama Duck”

aka “Great Daniac” 

I want to dedicate this to my late husband

“Papa Duck”, Navy Seal


***This Is The Rolling Thunder Official Video***

Marine Honors Military

at Rolling Thunder 2011


Remember that it’s not just about World War ll, Korea or Vietnam anymore. We have a whole new generation of veterans returning home from Iraq, and Afghanistan. Let us all pray for world peace…

a photo - peace is a group effort


In loving memory of our Shadow

Shepherd/Wolf Hybrid

Passed on April 28th, 2010 at age 13...

She was the best thing that

ever happened to us both, that

Free To Good Home Blessing.

She was my veteran’s best buddy!

a photo - Shadow memorial photo

Our Beloved Shadow – “Baby Girl”

A parting prayer

Dear Lord, please open your gates and

call St. Francis to come escort this beloved

companion across The Rainbow Bridge.

Assign her to a place of honor,

for she has been a faithful servant

and has always done her best to

please us. Bless the hands that

sent her to you, for they are

doing so in love and compassion,

freeing her from pain and

suffering. Grant us the strength

not to dwell on our loss.

Help us remember the details of

her life with the love she has

shown us, and grant us the

courage to honor her by sharing

those memories with others.

Let her remember us as well and

let her know that we will

always love her, and when it’s

our time to pass over into

your paradise, please allow her

to accompany those who will bring

us home. Thank you, Lord, for

the gift of companionship and for

the time we’ve had together.

Thank you Lord, for granting us the

strength to give her to you now.


a photo - dogs come into our lives as blessings

Shadow,  our “Baby Girl”.

We will always love you.


The things we learned from our

Shadow - Shepherd/Wolf Hybrid

I'll never forget...


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What an incredible tribute to our

space program, and all those who

helped to make it succeed!

This will make you feel like a

grain of sand on a very large beach!

It’s just awesome!!!


Uploaded by on Jan 29, 2011  

Remember that American ends with

I Can!”

Dedicated to all those involved

in our space program for all of

their  sacrifice, and commitment!

We appreciate all you’ve done!


In memory of Jacques Cousteau and

the whole new world he gave to us!

Dear God, please help us to discover

a way to clean up the mess that we’ve

made in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our fishermen need to be able to fish there,

and all of the wildlife needs a place

to survive, and thrive.

Thank you.


a graphic fish-cross~~~~~~~~

 Let’s make it an awesome year from

my little corner of the world to yours…


Linda Michel White

Networker & Senior Blogger

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Please feel free to leave a

comment on any page.

4 Responses to “3 For All Service Members”

  1. AlisaSays:

    October 14, 2009 at 1:55 PM

    | Reply edit

I very much enjoyed reading your Poem for our Vets. My father was in Vietnam twice while I was growing up, so I didn’t have a Daddy around much as a child. His sacrifice for his country was great, no doubt. My oldest son joined the army and spent two tours in Iraq. He is coming home for good in 10 days and we are all so very thankful to God for keeping him safe too.

Thanks again for your wonderful poem.


  1. Timothy WillanSays:

    May 9, 2010 at 8:02 PM

    | Reply edit

Linda! I’m sorry to hear about your lose! I know about death and being real close to something or someone! I just lost someone that was very special to me and we have been mourning for the last two weeks, But life has to go on for us all, For give but don’t forget

  1. jenniferSays:

    July 5, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    | Reply edit

We ready apprentice the effort on your part putting this together.

My husband is a Vietman Vetern and really like the tribute which is given.

This was very good for me since I lost my very best friend on May 27, a day after my birthday.

This will be paqssed on to all of my friends.

  1. Linda Michel White (GreatDaniac)Says:

    July 30, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    | Reply edit

Thank you Jennifer for your reply, and my condolences on the loss of your best friend.

My husband Bill just suffered a mini-stroke this week. He’s doing well, but after refusing medical treatment for all these years he’s lucky it was just a warning.

I have tried numerous times to approve your comment but it wasn’t working. I finally got it approved so it must have been a glitch either on my part or theirs.

The best of life’s blessings to you, your husband, and your family.






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