This Is The Theme For Our
Ebony’n’Ivory Story…

 Our Story ’bout Ebony ‘n’ Ivory

Talkin’ ’bout extremes…
Story behind Ebony ‘n’ Ivory –
One black & the other one white…
One male & the other female…
Two Seniors not afraid to take a chance,
He’s 78 & she’s 77…
One on the North West Coast of California,
The other on the East Coast of
The Gulf of Mexico in Florida…
We’ve never met one another face to face,
but we’re runnin’ a business together just fine…
We are compatible just as it should be…
Instead of Extreme, since we
seldom do anything extreme,
we’ve changed our outlook &
we’re each practicin’
“Extraordinary Happyness” instead…

Ebony (GTO)  

Ivory (LMW)


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